Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is designed as a security smart solution. It provides smart facilities to admin and visitors to enhance security entrance with QR Code scanning. It comprised of following parts:

  1. Web Application
  2. Rest API


  1. Admin Capabilities
  2. Admin can manage guards
  3. Admin can add purposes of visiting
  4. Admin can check reports of visitors
  5. Admin can generate logs
  6. Admin can manage condominiums
  7. Visitor will enter buy scanning QR Code
  8. Work Management
  9. OAuth Authentications
  10. Push Notifications
  11. CRM Capabilities
  12. Access Rights Management
  13. Reporting
  14. Business Pages

Tools and Technologies:

  1. PHP/Laravel
  2. Node.js
  3. MySQL
  4. Redis
  5. Bootstrap
  6. jQuery
  7. HTML 5
  8. CSS 3
  9. Firebase


We’re also managing the hosting as well as deployment of mobile applications of Visitor Management System.