DejtoKnam - Storage Management System

DejtoKnam is a company that provides private storages for their stuff to be stored for a timespan. We provided them a top-notch solution to manage their orders and invoices.
It comprises of Web Application Platform only.


  1. Admin Capabilities
  2. Admin can add storages
  3. Admin can add storages prices
  4. Admin can manage storages
  5. Admin can change storage locations
  6. Admin can accept or reject orders
  7. User can sign up
  8. User can manage its account
  9. User can manage orders
  10. User can place orders
  11. User can pay invoice
  12. Delivery process integration
  13. Work Management
  14. OAuth Authentications
  15. Push Notifications
  16. CRM Capabilities
  17. Access Rights Management
  18. Reporting
  19. Business Pages

Tools and Technologies:

  1. PHP/Laravel
  2. Node.js
  3. MySQL
  4. Redis
  5. Bootstrap
  6. jQuery
  7. HTML 5
  8. CSS 3
  9. Firebase


We’re also managing the hosting as well as deployment of mobile applications of DejtoKnam Storage Management System.